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A rave review for Alphonse Allais's I AM SARCEY in Wuthering Expectations:  here.




Just released in our Absurdist Texts & Documents series.

Move over Mona Lisa, the subject of René Magritte’s classic painting Le fils de l’homme (1964) has been transformed into an iconic  Everyman — forced to confront the forces of contemporary life. Artist Paulo Brito reanimates the  mysterious figure in a series of satirical  collages you won’t soon forget.


The future of Dada is here!



The Special "Eros" Issue of LE SCAT NOIR featuring titillating texts & images by Adrienne Auvray, Paulo Brito, Tom BussmannNorman Conquest, EsbeyStephanie Gatos, Eckhard Gerdes, Georges Hugnut, Jim JohnsonSteve Katz, Michael Leigh, Terri Lloyd, Mantis Man, Derek Pell, Frank Pulaski, Paul Rosheim, Mercie Pedro e Silva, Doug Skinner, Nile Southern, Carol  White. and Mihaly Zichy.


Available upon request. To get a free copy on May 1st send an e-mail with "Eros" in the subject line and you'll receive a link to download the issue.  CLICK HERE

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