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Free-to-play sports live betting

Is nothing new in European countries but unfortunately, in the country dubbed as the “mecca” of legal gamblingactivities in the world,it’s odd that the concept is foreign to Americans.People will wonder, what is the concept then? In layman’s term, it is an app where sports betting is freely played. Yes, no real cash involved compared the online casinos that are being advertised almost everywhere Click here:


How Does It Work

This free-to-play live sports betting is funded by people with the deep background in the entertainment industry. You have to download the app to be able to bet. The app is synchronized to the live TV. It’s having two screens working together to deliver mobile engagements and a revenue generating opportunity for networks, leagues and advertisers.

Onceyou downloaded the application you can make predictions on all sporting events with a chance of winning a prize. Yes, without entry fees or wagers. How cool is that? The sport predictions are offered only via the app in in-play and made by users in real time. The caveat is that all the games are produced in a live studio environment by game producers which covers what the real time game play on the field.

Game Engagement

The purpose of the free-to-play live sports betting is engagement of fans specifically the male audience. However, the app also heavily relied as advertising-based. Aside fans, and new learners, it also engages and attracts advertisersto facilitate the prizes. Having it centered also with advertisers means expect a spamming of advertisements within the app and during the betting match. Soon, it will offer other live sports like judi bola, basketball and baseball to name a few that will cater its large followings and even gamblers all together.